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Emma Pierce

Manager, NSW Preschool Inclusion, Sector Capacity Building Program

Emma has been managing the KU Sector Capacity Building Program team since 2018. She has previously worked as the Inclusion Coordinator at Early Childhood Intervention Australia, managed the early intervention program at Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), and as a consultant at Plumtree Children and Families. Emma has lectured at Western Sydney University and Griffith University and holds a Master of Education (Special Education) and a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. Emma is passionate about working with educators to promote true inclusion for all children.


Belinda Monkman

Senior Preschool Inclusion Consultant, Illawarra Shoalhaven region

Belinda is an early childhood teacher, who holds a Masters of Special Education. She has worked as a teacher and director in both preschools and long day care settings, as well as some time spent lecturing at Western Sydney University and working in the welfare sector. Having grown up with disability in her family she is passionate about finding solutions that achieve the best possible outcomes for children, families and educators. She loves travel and being outdoors and active.

Jen Day

Preschool Inclusion Consultant- Western Sydney and Sydney regions

Jen is proud to have worked in the early childhood education sector for the last 23 years. She has a Masters of Teaching (0-5years) and is currently studying for her Masters in Inclusive Education. She has worked as an Early Childhood Teacher and Director in both preschools and long day care. Jen is a strong advocate that children’s early learning influences their life chances and that positive partnerships where educators, families and support professionals work together enables all children to learn from active participation and engagement.

Belinda Fellingham

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - South East Sydney region

Belinda has been involved in the early childhood field for over 20 years with experience in a variety of settings including community preschools, long day care, early childhood intervention, and supported playgroups. She is an early childhood teacher who holds a Bachelor of Education-Early Childhood (0-8 years) as well as Key Worker certification and experience in mentor roles including that of Inclusion Support Leader in a community preschool. Belinda is mum of young sons and enjoys the outdoors. She is passionate about empowering educators to build on their strengths to develop inclusive practices and environments for children.

Vanna Lockwood

Preschool Inclusion Consultant, Sydney and South East Sydney regions

Vanna has worked in the early childhood field for 30 years and also currently teaches part time at TAFE and has previously taught at Macquarie University. Vanna has a particular interest in learning from and supporting families, and in exploring ways of creating inclusive early childhood environments where empathy, kindness, respect and the emotional wellbeing of every child is nurtured.

Sandy Luo

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Western and South East Sydney regions

Sandy has been in the education profession for over 20 years as an Inclusion Psychologist, Centre Acting Director and Early Childhood Teacher. Sandy holds a Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), and enjoys working collaboratively with staff teams, families and communities to improve quality outcomes for children. Believing every child is uniquely capable, Sandy is passionate and dedicated about creating a space where diversity is embraced and all children can be valued, experience a sense of belonging and be supported to flourish.

Heather Morse

Preschool Inclusion Consultant, Northern Sydney region

Heather started her working life as an early childhood teacher and director in community based preschools. After having a family, Heather undertook post graduate study and then worked for many years as a special educator in a range of early intervention services. Heather is passionate about positive behaviour support, transition to school and working with educators to support the inclusion of children with disabilities.

Carol Nagel

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Illawarra Shoalhaven and North Sydney regions

Carol is an Early Childhood Teacher with a career dedicated to working in the NSW preschool sector. She has a passionate interest in supporting the inclusion of children with additional needs and valuing the environments they learn and develop in. Carol’s past roles include Teaching Director, casual University academic and working in sector wide capacity programs.

Carol values collaboration and the shared outcomes that are possible when working in an interdisciplinary team. She enjoys supporting educators in the delivery of quality early childhood education for every child

Grace Qualteiri

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Murrumbidgee region

Grace has been involved in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector for 32 years, upskilling from Certificate 3 to Diploma to Degree qualifications while working fulltime. She has experience in both Long Day Care and Preschool in roles of ECT, Team Leader, Educational Leader, Nominated Supervisor and, more recently, the Manager of two Early Childhood Services.

Grace believes all children aquire the tools to thrive and be successful through positive, nurturing relationships and inclusive environments. She is a strong advocate for the rights of children and supporting them to have a voice – in whatever form that may be. Grace also enjoys music, family and travelling.

Maree Rusconi

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Murrumbidgee region

Maree has been involved in Early Childhood Education and Care for more than 20 years. She has experience working in Family Day Care, Long Day Care and Preschools in a variety of roles including Early Childhood Teacher, Director, Educational Leader and most recently as an Early Childhood Coordinator supporting families with the NDIS.

Maree has a passionate commitment to early childhood and to the health and wellbeing of children and their families. She believes that children are entitled to live a life that is safe and fulfilling, where they are given opportunities to participate to the best of their ability. She enjoys working collaboratively with educators and families to reflect on existing practices to create a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Alice McMahon

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Murrumbidgee region

Alice holds a dual degree in Early Childhood Teaching and Speech and Hearing Science. She has a versatile background as a teacher, Educational Leader, and Director and is she is deeply committed to rural education. Passionate about providing inclusive education, Alice supports educators to be confident advocates for inclusion, understanding the unique challenges faced by rural and remote preschools in implementing inclusive practices. Her compassionate and empathetic approach reflects a holistic commitment to fostering positive learning experiences for all children in rural settings.

Tracy Scott

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Central Coast region

Tracy started her career in early childhood 20 years ago. After a big break to have her three daughters, she commenced a double degree in Teaching Early Childhood/Primary (honours), this degree also took her to Reggio Emilia in Italy on a study tour, experiencing a reflective pedagogical approach to early childhood, this inspired a passion to mentor other educators to create environments for all children to have a greater sense of belonging. Tracy has worked in a variety of roles in early childhood including ECT/Nominated Supervisor/Centre Director. Tracy is passionate about quality, inclusive, and equitable education for all children.

Kelly Slip

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Northern Sydney region

Kelly is an early childhood professional who has over 30 years of experience in the early childhood sector. She has previously worked as an Early Childhood Teacher/Director and as a Teacher at TAFE. She holds a Bachelor of Education and Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Kelly has a strong interest in learning environments, and enjoys supporting educators to create inclusive, respectful, kind and nurturing learning environments in which all children can thrive. She believes that when equity, participation, access and children’s rights are at the heart of our pedagogy and practice, all children can flourish and succeed.

Amie Sykes

Inclusion Consultant, Nepean/Blue Mountains region

Amie has been immersed in Early Childhood Education for 25 years. During this time Amie has worked in a variety of roles in Early Childhood settings including Early Childhood Teacher, Centre Director, running supported play groups and, more recently, mentoring and inclusion support roles. Amie has a Masters degree in Child Play Therapy, and is passionate about empowering educators to critically reflect on practice and build strong attachment relationships with all children and families, using empathy, compassion and social justice principles as a lens to be inclusive of everyone.

Julie Kaney

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Northern Sydney region

Julie is a trained early childhood teacher who holds a Bachelor of Educational Studies specialising in deafness, language and audiology.

Julie has worked for over 33 years in the inclusion early childhood field. She has been an itinerant teacher of the deaf (early Intervention) as well as a full-time additional needs teacher in a community based preschool. Julie has spent the last 19 years as a teacher of the deaf and director.

Julie’s passion lies in inclusion, she believes every child has the right to good quality education. Julie strives for positive connections between educators and families for the children to achieve the best outcomes. She believes all children should reach for the stars and our privileged role is to empower them to catch the twinkling stars.

Outside of work, Julie loves to spend time with her rescue standardbred horses and 4 dogs. She feels you are never too old to learn as she has recently taken up horse riding.

Tahni Aitken

Preschool Inclusion Consultant - Northern Sydney region

Tahni has been working in the disability sector for over twenty years. She was previously a teacher of young children in autism specific and special education schools in the United Kingdom and Australia. Tahni was the Manager of the NSW Autism Advisor Program and has most recently worked as a Pre-School Inclusion Consultant in Victoria and as a Behaviour Specialist Officer for the NSW Department of Education.

Tahni is passionate about equitable access and inclusion for all children. Tahni has a strong background and understanding of supporting children on the autism spectrum and strategies that promote successful inclusion. She also has a strong understanding of behaviour and preventative and responsive strategies to address behaviours of concern. Tahni enjoys developing relationships with professionals, sharing expertise and ideas to contribute to ongoing learning.

Chris Seroukas

Administrative Assistant

Chris plays a vital role as the Sector Capacity Building Program Administrative Assistant. Chris has many years’ experience in varying administration positions, most recently in early childhood education and care. In 2019, Chris completed her Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and has experience working on the floor as well as in the office.

In order for your preschool inclusion consultant to provide support regarding specific children, we require permission from the child's family.